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Retail is detail and complexity. Retailers have to reduce inventory investment while improving in-stock positions, increase customer service while reducing labor costs, and decrease operation costs while expanding to multi- channels. Add to these demands the need to consolidate acquisitions, fight off encroaching competition, and do it all in a challenging economic cycle, it is clear that retail requires advanced business solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics retail solutions are designed to handle the complex business of retail from point-of-sale to back office and through to the warehouse and the corporate office. These affordable, integrated solutions can be deployed quickly, without complicated customization or drawn-out implementations.

Microsoft Dynamics for retail allows you to increase sales per sq. foot and sales per person

Optimize inventory management & merchandising decisions

  • Gain insight into product, department, store performance
  • Respond immediately to trends in customer purchasing behavior
  • Improve product pricing management with fact-based decisions

Improve customer service

  • Shorten lines and decrease check-out times
  • Handle complex transactions including couponing and special offers
  • Check product availability in stores and warehouses

Increase Revenues

  • Use the web and eCommerce as an additional sales channel
  • Cross-sell between your retail stores and your web store

Support multi-channel operations

  • Process orders and returns via any channel
  • Gather and analyze real-time, multi-channel data to respond quickly to customer demand
  • Coordinate and track customer interaction across multiple channels

Understand Customer Behavior and Build Loyalty

  • Track customer sales and get insight into future behavior
  • Introduce promotions that strengthen customer loyalty

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