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Portfolio Category: Industry Solutions

eCommerce & Mobility

eCommerce & Mobility Solutions

Help your online sales channel out-perform the competition with our eCommerce Solutions. The fully functional, highly integrated system is scalable to help merchants increase their revenue. Out-of-the-box capabilities like self-service order entry, customer service, account administration, and more help to significantly reduce operating costs. Additional capabilities like search engine optimization and complete integration with...
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Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions Solutions Microsoft is also seeing a growing number of global system integrators building out financial-service-specific solutions on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to deliver industry-specific solutions tailored to the needs of banking organizations. At the heart of every successful business are the people who make things happen. Microsoft Dynamics designs modern business solutions that empower...
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Retail is detail and complexity. Retailers have to reduce inventory investment while improving in-stock positions, increase customer service while reducing labor costs, and decrease operation costs while expanding to multi- channels. Add to these demands the need to consolidate acquisitions, fight off encroaching competition, and do it all in a... Read more

Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturers need to stay ahead of the competition and need deep insight into their supply chain and manufacturing lifecycle. Dynamics ERP allows manufacturers to manage the complexities of manufacturing products to standard or custom specifications, and improve responses to customer needs. With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you can optimize operations and... Read more